Reduce size of photos [free portable software]

Resizing photos and reducing their size is common routine for number of users. There are number of ways to reduce size of images like using right click procedure or batch resize mode for large number of photos. If you deal with images all the time and are on constant move, then checkout

Free batch Thumbnail Image Generator software

Making smaller size version of images (generating thumbnails) is common routine for many web users. You can make this process easy and quick using batch mode of free Sirius DogStar Thumbnail generator. You can customize different aspects of smaller image like size, background color,

Simple & quick image Thumbnail maker

Want to quickly create thumbnail images? Quick Thumbnail program makes this all easy: reduce size of images to desired level in batch mode. It supports easy drag drop of images in the application windows. You can set the final reduced dimensions for an image and this program will reduce

Batch resize & watemark with free converter software

Overloaded with lot of photos? Don't have time to process and correct each photo one by one? You can save lot of time and effort by working on multiple photos in batches. Pixillion Image Converter is a free software that supports basic image operations in batch mode. You can use this to

Batch Resize Images with VSO Image Resizer

Small and free application 'VSO Image Resizer' can make image resizing process so easy and quick. You can resize images on the fly to popular image resolutions, as well as custom dimensions. It supports number of image formats like: Jpeg, gif, bmp, tiff etc. It also supports Digital