Show or hide birthday date on Google+ profile

Did you see pop-up box for updating your Birthday date information on your Google+ profile? You can easily add, remove or hide birthday date details on Google+ Plus account information page. Once you add birthday date information, your friends and family members on Google+ can easily send

How to see upcoming birthdays of friends on Facebook

Wishing "Happy Birthday" to a friend on Facebook is an important activity for few users. By default, Facebook show reminder for Today's birthday along with friend name. You can simply click through friend name to get pop-up box for writing birthday message to that friend. What about

Change & confirm birthday date on Orkut

Orkut is going for a makeover in coming days and this will affect option to edit birthday date information in your Orkut profile. You will should see message reading, "Your orkut birth date will become unchangeable on April 7th. Please take one minute to double-check or edit your birthday

Hide birthday date on Facebook profile

Few users may not be comfortable displaying their 'date of birth' on Facebook profile. You can easily hide complete birthday date information from showing up on Facebook profile. Alternatively, you can only hide 'year' information and display 'date', 'month' information of your birthday

Receive Brithday reminders in your RSS feed reader

RSS birthday uses power of RSS to stay updated with latest birthday dates and other events. After you create a free account, fill up the birthdays and other events information in your account. Then add your customized RSS feed to your feed reader. Related - Don’t post often? Get

Manage Orkut friends birthday with Google Calendar

Ideally we have lot of friends added to our Orkut account. Remembering birthday of each friend and wishing him / her 'on-time' can be an ask. Now you can easily manage and wish Orkut friends 'Happy birthday' in timely manner without much effort using Google Calendar. Orkut profile page

5th Orkut birthday, send birthday greeting card!

Time zooms away so quickly, after 4th year birthday bumps Orkut has turned 5yrs old baby. Lot of new things happened in last one year. Photo quota kept on increasing and Orkut mobile version was introduced. Orkut Apps added more fun and interactivity to Orkut experience. Orkut team