Connect to wifi internet on BlackBerry Playbook

You can easily connect to the internet using wifi connection your BlackBerry Playbook device. It can establish connection with wifi network at your home or at public places like hotels, airports, shops and allows your to surf websites and online applications on Playbook tablet. Once you

Turn On ,Off, standby BlackBerry Playbook

Playbook is a tablet device from BlackBerry (which is known for its Blackberry smartphones). This tablet can be easily paired and connected with BlackBerry smartphone for accessing phone data on the Playbook tablet device. First time users may want to know the procedure to turn ON or OFF

Connect Playbook with Blackberry smartphone

Playbook is a tablet device from Blackberry which can be easily connected to any Blackberry smartphone for data access. Connection between Blackberry Playbook and Blackberry smartphone is possible using free Blackberry bridge application and bluetooth technology. Once you install this

15+ Best BlackBerry Apps [IM, email, photos]

Are you a BlackBerry smartphone mobile user?Then check following application to make life super easy performing different tasks on your smartphone. Email, chat, images, socialization made easy with following BlackBerry smartphone applications. Email, Socialize & Explore Facebook

Sync iTunes & Windows Media Player music with BlackBerry phone

We have already seen BlackBerry desktop software to sync and transfer files between computer and BlackBerry smart phone. Here is official BlackBerry Media Sync for easy management of music files. It allows you to sync your desktop iTunes or Windows Media Player music files with your

Sync & transfer files between computer & BlackBerry smartphone

Do you want to connect BlackBerry phone to computer for easy sync & file transfer? BlackBerry offer Official Desktop software for PC & MAC that allow transfer of files between BlackBerry smartphone and PC with ease. Besides file transfer, you can perform number of other tasks using

Check 3G, Edge, WiFi speed [Blackberry & iPhone apps]

Who does not love speed? On mobile devices internet speed can disappoint many as compared to internet access speed via conventional medium of broadband and wireless access on desktop / portable systems. If you want to check speed of 3G, Edge and WiFi on your BlackBerry or iPhone device -

Create & Download Wallpapers for your BlackBerry

Give your BlackBerry a new look by creating  unique wallpapers. BBsnapprovide an easy, no frills way to create wallpaper for your BlackBerry beauty. Get started by uploading your image by entering

Grab BlackBerry Bold in Color you want at ColorWave

ColorWave is nice place to customize color of different part of popular gadgets and then custom order them right away. We have already seen iPhone 3G color customization at Colorwave and here comes same for Blackberry Bold.