Search & find celebrity Facebook pages

Lot of celebrities, actors, media companies and brands use Facebook to interact with Facebook users. If your Facebook timeline is boring, you can spice up with updates from celebrities of your choice. To get started, search Facebook page of specific celebrity, brand or company. In a single

Harry Potter & the half blood prince Wallpapers, photos

Harry Potter mania is back on big screen. Latest edition of Harry Potter movie "the half blood prince" is about to release in coming days. Before the movie hits the big screen, catch all Harry Potter goodies from this edition of Harry Potter adventure. Official website has all the goodies

Watch bollywood videos, news on iPhone, BollyHood App

iPhone users craving for saucy bollywood content can grab BollyHood iPhone app. You can catch latest bollywood (Indian Cinema) action featuring latest news, gossips, music videos, behind the scenes from tinsel town - all served hot with glitz and glamor. There is lot of latest content

Celebrity iGoogle homepages, clone your favorite

iGoogle gets a showcase fully loaded with celebrity listing of iGoogle homepages. It has celebrity from different fields of interest and you are bound to find one of your favorite celebrity there. Along with celebrity description, you get option to grab respective iGoogle homepage and

Follow popular Twitter users at famous tweeters

With so many users on Twitter, finding right people you can follow is not an easy task. We have already seen top 10 directories of Twitter users to dig out Twitter profiles worth following. Here is another cool web service Famous Tweeters that has exhaustive listing of famous people on

Playboy magazine put free archive online

Playboy magazine - who does not know it or haven't seen it? If you are a Playboy magazine fan, here is bomb of a news and surprise at PlayboyArchive website. They have made available old versions of magazine for free web viewing. You can access free magazine issues from years 1954

Search bride that looks like bollywood babes

Searching for people resembling your face is nothing new. We have already seen Picitup Celebrity Matchup that allows you to search for celebrities resembling your face. Facial search gets to new level allowing you to search bride resembling bollywood babes. This is all possible using

Youtube Game: 30 levels, Celebs & Oscars fun

Youtube introducted annotations and ability to link - this has resulted into first ever interactive Youtube video game. Game has engrossing 30 levels with varrying difficulty full of celebrities and Oscar fever. Each level will show you two similar images. You need to click on area which

Official White House website gets a Blog

Change has come to America with Barack Obama finally becoming president of United States of America. With new president, official website gets new makeover, features and contents. Homepage has subtle blue and white design with Barack Obama name and images. Official White House website

Top Yahoo Searches 2008 – Britney Tops it again

2008 is about to end and yearly review reports have started to spill out. Yahoo has released top searches for 2008 list and there is no surprise at the numero uno position. For the 4th time running, Britney Spears has top