US Dollar to Euro currency converter

US Dollar and Euro are two most common currency types of present world. Do you want to convert Dollar into Euro or Euro into Dollar? Besides online currency converters like Curculator and Yahoo Currency, you can try Free Currency Converter desktop tool. It automatically fetches current

Online Calculator with Currency converter, save time!

Users dealing with money perform lot of calculations on daily basis. Besides calculating numbers, they also get dirty with currency conversion process. Curculator brings both calculator and currency converter in one interface to save lots of time. It has neat interface and you can perform

Check fonts, printer, keyboard for Euro symbol support

Do you want to check if Euro symbol is supported by fonts installed on the computer? EuroCheck is small utility that does this quick check in few simple clicks. It also check printer, keyboard and operating system on the computer for the Euro symbol support. It is a standalone

Yahoo Online Currency Converter, realtime conversion

Yahoo Online Currency Converter went for a makeover and now is damn useful. Without reloading any page you can convert any amount of currency of one country to another. You do not need to know flags or currency names of any country. To get started, select any two countries by browsing