How to cut, copy & paste text on iPad

Besides using Apple iPad for photos and videos, it is a great companion for text based content in the form of ebooks and newspapers. While browsing textual content, you may want to copy and save selective text. This can be easily done using cut, copy and paste routine on iPad through touch

Cut photos online [add shadow, round corners]

Cut and crop of images is a basic routine while editing photos. We have already seen easy to use free picture cropper software to crop and cut photos. If you don't like installing software and want to cut photos online- checkout "Cut My Pic". This online service allows you to cut photos,

Cut & crop unwanted portions of photo: Picture Cropper

We may need to crop and cut portions of an image for different reasons. Like cut the face picture from long image shot to be used as profile image on social networking websites. Picture Cropper is a free and easy to use tool to cut unwanted parts of an image and focus on specific part of