Official White House website gets a Blog

Change has come to America with Barack Obama finally becoming president of United States of America. With new president, official website gets new makeover, features and contents. Homepage has subtle blue and white design with Barack Obama name and images. Official White House website

Halloween audibles on Yahoo Messenger, Spook out!

Chatting with friends on Yahoo Messenger9 became more fun with introduction of Halloween audibles. Now you can send spooky messages to your friends. As shown in image above, there are number

Sarah Palin Bikini Photo is a Photoshop WONDER

Photoshop and other image editing software can be used to create awesome graphic effects. They can also be used for not so pleasing by-products. Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah

Subscribe to Obama & McCain Shared in Google Reader

Barack Obama and John McCain are power reader in Politics. Ever wanted to explore news sites read by McCain and Obama? Well, both big shots are sharing articles with Google