Extract link, script, image URLs on websites in IE

Images, CSS files, scripts, clickable hyperlinks are basic elements of a webpage. Manually checking individual URLs of such elements is a tough routine. Using "URL String Grabber" portable free utility you can easily extract and view URL details of images, CSS files, scripts, RSS feed, swf

See original URL for shortened or tinyURL with UnTiny

We tend to share lot of tiny or shortened URLs on the internet. Ideally, we cannot see actual URL behind the tinyURL and have to visit the URL to know it all. Untiny web service allows you to see actual URL behind tiny URL without actually opening the URL. Just enter the shortened or

View & save images, links, email ID from any website

We have already seen File2HD online service to quickly download files from any website. Xsite utility does similar without you having to open web browser. Just enter URL or website address and hit the enter key. You will get list of weblinks, images and email address associated with

Extract & Save all URLs from any webpage

Want to extract and save URLs from a specific webpage? Usually, one would go to source code of a webpage. Then start the manual, tiring process of copying each URL. Well, you can do this in a single click without