Anti keylogger protection for login data / keystrokes in browser

For starters, keyloggers are malware which observe and record your keystrokes. In this way they can steal your private information and use it to steal your money from your bank accounts, open credit card accounts in your name, or assume your identity in other criminal pursuits. Smalll

Twitter from flock web browser, integrated client!

Twitter madness has already spread over loads of web based Twitter apps and numerous Twiter clients (bDule, Seemic, Chirp, TweetDeck). Looks like, new version Flock web browser wants you to dump all these to a dustin. New version comes with fully loaded and integrated Twitter client to

Download Flock 2.0 – Supports themes & more

After three beta cycles, final version of Flock 2.0 is out and ready for free download. Flock 2.0 is built on the latest Firefox 3 technology from Mozilla, it will be snappy, safe and easy to use. MySpace has been added to the suite of 23 popular services integrated within Flock. Now

Download Fashion GLOSS Edition of Flock Browser

Flock web browser has been around for a while now. Here is Flock's attempt to be in news and cater to section of users interesting in gossip pink stuff. It has released pinkED up version of Flock Browser called Gloss edition. It is re-branded version of Flock browser for people