Find specific phrase occurrence in Google Books

Google Books has online scanned digital collection of almost 10% books ever published. Do you want to find occurrence of specific phrase (words) in Google Books collection? You can easily do this using 'Google Books Ngram Viewer' online tool. Result is displayed in line graph format

Create & Share collection of Google books [bookshelf]

Google Books ( has huge listing of books of different topics and categories. It has easy to use "bookshelf" feature that allows quick organizing and sharing of collection of books. You can create multiple bookshelfs as per requirement and share your bookshelfs with online

Search Books online by ISBN barcode number

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique number identifying a book. It is a 10 or 13 digit number assigned to each book edition and variation (except re-printings) of a book. Since it is a unique number, you can use ISBN number to search and find specific book title online.

Google Book Downloader: download & save Google Books as PDF

Google Bookshas number of ebooks that can be read free of cost. You can browse full public domain books without restrictions. It also allow preview of premium ebooks which can be later purchased. If you have come across an interesting ebook on Google Books and want to download for offline

Explore Google Books ebooks with Tag Cloud keywords

Google Books has added interesting Tag Cloud feature that allows quick exploring of ebook content. On the ebook listing page you will notice Tag Cloud with title "Common Terms and Phrases" [click to see example]. As expected, it shows important and most used keywords, tags, phrases in the

Embed & show Google books on website, official hack

We have already seen complicated way to embed and show Google Books preview on a blog or website. Well, now Google has implemented official way to do so. Open any Google Books page (for example) and click on link option at top-right part to see pop-up box with codes that can be used to

Access Google Book Search on iPhone or mobile

Now you can access ebooks of your interest while on the move using Google Book search for mobile. Google has released mobile version for book search, just point your mobile browser to and start using Google Book search on your iphone or mobile phone. As

Read popular magazines on computer with Google

Google is lot more than just web search, besides helping you out with holiday blues - it is all set to become hot destination to read your favorite magazines online. You can browse and read number of popular magazines online at Google Book search (of course, its all FREE!).

How to embed Google Books on a Blog or website?

Now you can easily embed any book available at Google Book Search. This is possible using specific widget code for the same. As on the Book Search site itself, you can search