Check if blog is included in Google News index

By default majority of blogs, websites are included in Google search index. However, only selectived blogs or websites are included in Google New index. We have already seen procedure to submit blog to Google News. You can easily check and confirm if specific blog or website is included in

How to add / submit website or blog to Google News?

Google News showcase latest news from different topics and categories from around the world. If your blog or website is listed in Google News, you can receive loads of traffic. Besides the traffic, your website gets instant popularity and appreciation from readers throughout the

Browse any website / blog content in Timeline format

Google Labs launched a neat way to read news online at Google News Timeline. Besides top websites, you can also browse content from top blogs. Just enter the name of any top blog / website and hit the enter key to see its content in timeline format. Sadly, this feature does not work with

Read news neatly organized, Google News Timeline

If you are looking for an easy, quick way to gulp lot of news in least amount of time and screen-space, then checkout new experimental feature Google news timeline. It displays news on a on a zoomable graphical timeline extracted from number of news sources. You can browse latest news

Embed & show Google News Slideshow on website

NewsShow Wizard by Google is very easy to use web service to add latest news to your blog or website. It allows you to generate Google News slideshow and display it on your blog or website. There are few customization options enough for majority of probable users. To get started, select