Protect PC from ‘Windows Shortcut link’ exploit

'Windows Shortcut Exploit' (also called CPLINK) is a vulnerability in all Windows versions that causes shortcut link on Windows to run malicious DLL file causing further harm to the system. Microsoft is working on fix for this issue, in the meantime you can check on this exploit using

Video flickers in Media Player showing DVD subtitles on Windows 7

Is DVD playback showing subtitles flickering in Windows Media Player on Windows 7 computer? This is a known issue and Microsoft has released hotfix download to resolve this issue. Specifically, the video image flickers every time a new line of subtitle is displayed in Windows Media Player

See list of Windows update, uninstall them [XP only]

Windows updates (service packs and hotfixes) are very important to keep system updated and secure. However, sometimes an update can cause more trouble than good on the system. WinUpdatesList utility allows you to see list of Windows update installed on the computer. You can

Access Non-public Microsoft Hotfixes with HotFixer

Hotfixes for Microsoft are small patch software required to fix specific issues with Microsoft products. However, sometimes required hotfix is not available for immediate download and you need to contact Microsoft support for the download link. You can avoid this by accessing a