Highlight specific words on webpages in Chrome

Do you want to keep track of specific word(s) on webpages being viewed in Google Chrome browser? You can easily highlight specific keywords on webpages in Chrome browser for easy tracking. This can be done using manual method of searching or using 'keywords highlighter' Chrome

Extract High density Keywords & Phrases from webpage, document

Keywords, phrases, density of words are few very important terms for SEO (search engine optimization) experts. Specific keywords or phrases on a webpage can bump webpage ranking UP or DOWN within a search engine. Primitive Word Counter is a portable tool for dead simple way to grab

Track & monitor keyword position in Google search

Google is a major source of traffic for majority of blogs and websites. Different keywords rank on different position in Google search and as a result sending varying amount of traffic to your blog or website. Ideally, one can manually perform Google search to check for position of

Google Alerts via RSS Feed – isn’t that Quick & Cool?

Traditionally, Google Alerts will send you reminder of specific keyword you want to track on the internet. For example, alert for 'Microsoft' and will send you email containing links to webpages with high relevance of word 'Microsoft'. Now you can receive similar updates via RSS feed