Connect two Windows 7 computers to share files

Do you have to share files between two Windows 7 operating system computers at your home or office? This is can be easily done by establishing a LAN connection between two computers and share files, folders, data without need of the internet. For such connection, you will need a crossover

Portable tool to measure LAN read, write speeds

LAN Speed test is a portable and handy tool to measure LAN speeds. It checks for Local Area Network data reading and writing speeds. It performs the test by writing a file to a folder, then clears the windows files cache and again reads the file back. It again clears cache, deletes the

See IP address (LAN & WAN) anytime, anywhere

We have already seen web services to see IP address of connection at any given point of time. Incase you travel a lot and need to keep check on the current IP address, then ShowIP is a must have utility for you. It shows current IP and sits on the system tray. This free small utility