Solve Crossword puzzles & form correct words online [WolframAlpha]

Crossword puzzles is a healthy learning fun for kids and adults alike. It tests ability to think and create meaningful words by filling missing alphabets in series of words or phrases. If you are stuck at forming correct word while trying to solve Crossword puzzle, get that magic word

English to NATO phonetic alphabet online or offline

"... a for alpha, b for bravo, c for charlie and so on" - a person dealing with customer service will know the importance of such words. These standard words for every alphabet (officially called NATO phonetic) help convey words with absolute accuracy. As seen in image above, if you

Improve Spelling ability by making words, fun & play!

If you have played 'Word Racer' game while chatting with friends on Yahoo Messenger - then you will also love WordGrid game. It is a similar game for solo word making fun and play. You have to make meaningful words from alphabets shown on word grid. Select words and then click on enter