How to insert SIM & memory card in Xperia X10

Bought new Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and looking for procedure to insert SIM card and memory card in the phone? You can get started with easy routine of inserting SIM and memory card into Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mobile phone by removing battery cover and sliding cards into card holder

Google Chrome task manager: memory & process details

Google chrome is a fast web browser as compared to other browsers. Google chrome has many new features that other browser do not have. Just like Window's system task manager, it has own in-built Task Manger feature. You can view basic and detailed information about all processes along with

See percentage of Free memory (RAM) on computer

Do you want to keep eye on amount of free memory (RAM) on computer while using it? Better Memory Meter is a cool utility that sits on the system tray and show the percentage amount of memory free on the computer. It is real time free memory display, hence percentage figure changes as more

Test RAM for errors & read / write speed

Do you want to test and gauge the performance of RAM on the computer? Roadkil RAM Test is a free portable utility to check performance of memory installed on the computer. It checks memory for errors and also list speeds for data read and write for RAM. Features of Raodkil RAM