Portable simple Typing Tutor software

Tiny Typing Tutor is a damn easy to use software for improving keyboard typing skills. It has DOS like interface that facilitates greater focus on typing rather than user-interface. It allows you to start and learn typing from basics. You can go through different levels with each level

Free Typing software to improve speed & accuracy, amphetype

Amphetype is a free typing software that helps you improve typing speed & accuracy. It provide detailed analysis of your typing tests along with performance reports and statistics. You can load any text file into the program and use text in that file for your typing text. How to

View detailed system information (hardware & usage)

At times we need to access and view detailed information about different components in the computer. Just like utility to see complete list of drivers on the computer, here is another cool utility to see loads of information about your computer. Auslogics System Information utility provide

Portable Windows Vista Tweak utility with 130 tweaks

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a portable Windows Tweak utility ideal to tweak and optimize Windows Vista system. It is a small utility of size 370kb loaded with over 130 tweaks. It gives access to loads of hidden Windows Vista features that can be tweaked with simple mouse clicks. This