Disable Facebook Facial Recognition for Photo tagging

It may sound intrusive but Facebook has automatically turned ON Facial Recognition feature by default for every user. Facial Recongnition technology is used by Facebook to find photos resembling your face and suggesting them automatically to friends for tagging you. With every photo

Face detection & auto fill for photo tagging on Orkut

Photo Tagging allows you to identify 'many' persons in a group photo and helps you tagg individual faces with their respective names (and Orkut profiles). Orkut has now introduced "Face Detection" to make photo tagging process real easy. This feature will attempt to recognize faces in

Auto Google Maps embed & photo tagging on Posterous

Posterous team is busy rolling out new features. Recently, it introduced feature to import any damn blog (like on Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr) to your Posterous account. Here is another interesting new feature of auto embed and display of Google Maps on your Posterous blog. Say you

Add tags to photos uploaded in your Orkut Account

Photo Tagging feature is now live at Orkut. You can now add tags to any or all photos uploaded in Orkut account. Just like Facebook, this feature is very easy and simple to use. Here is quick 2 step procedure to add tags to photos: Step 1. Login to your Orkut account and goto Albums.