Connect to wifi internet on BlackBerry Playbook

You can easily connect to the internet using wifi connection your BlackBerry Playbook device. It can establish connection with wifi network at your home or at public places like hotels, airports, shops and allows your to surf websites and online applications on Playbook tablet. Once you

Turn On ,Off, standby BlackBerry Playbook

Playbook is a tablet device from BlackBerry (which is known for its Blackberry smartphones). This tablet can be easily paired and connected with BlackBerry smartphone for accessing phone data on the Playbook tablet device. First time users may want to know the procedure to turn ON or OFF

Connect Playbook with Blackberry smartphone

Playbook is a tablet device from Blackberry which can be easily connected to any Blackberry smartphone for data access. Connection between Blackberry Playbook and Blackberry smartphone is possible using free Blackberry bridge application and bluetooth technology. Once you install this