3D view of Obama Inauguration from user images

We have already seen WhiteHouse.org's brand new blog and HQ inauguration images clicked from space. Here is the best one - 3D view of Obama Inauguration ceremony created by images clicked by people attending the ceremony. Number of people have submitted images clicked by them to CNN

Obama Inauguration HQ Images clicked from Space

Obama Inauguration Ceremony has hogged the limelight big time. We have already seen after-effects of Obama as President of United States with all new WhiteHouse.gov website with a prominent BLOG. Here is another for history books ultra HQ images of Obama Inauguration clicked from

Official White House website gets a Blog

Change has come to America with Barack Obama finally becoming president of United States of America. With new president, official website gets new makeover, features and contents. Homepage has subtle blue and white design with Barack Obama name and images. Official White House website