Share Orkut photo albums with only specific friends

Just like any other social networking website, Orkut users upload and share lot of photos. It is important to set sharing rules for each photo album containing your personal photos. You can enforce strict sharing setting that allow sharing of selective photos with only specific Orkut

Internet Explorer: Open links in New Window instead of Tab

By default links from external applications load in "New Tab of existing Window" in Internet Explorer. Few users may prefer to open external links in separate new Window for easier identification and navigation instead of new tab. Alternatively, few users may want to open links in existing

See list of applications accessing your Twitter account

Twitter is a dead simple way to blog and tell world "What are you doing now?". This simple tool now has loads of "not so simple" and ever increasing 3 party Twitter based applications. Majority of these application require you to sign in using Twitter account in order to use them. We

Report Offensive photos on Google Image search results

Did you ever stumble upon adult NSFW image while searching images on Google with safe filter turned ON? No filter or technology is 100% accurate, so if you happen to see mature content while configured for safe content - it is recommeneded to report offensive photos and help Google improve

Prevent registeration of specific usernames on Facebook

Facebook is all set to open up registeration of vanity (or custom URLs) for its users like However, with so many users with similar names and people ready to latch on usernames resembling top brands - Facebook is tightening the username registration process. Top