What is iPad 2 price

Apple has announced new version of iPad device. iPad 2 come with loads of new features and enhancements. There are noticeable changes in the size, shape and form factor of the iPad device. As expected, iPad2 device is aggressively priced with usual price points. Following is detailed

Office for Mac 2011 price & versions

Microsoft has announced availability details of newer version of Microsoft Office 2011 suite for MAC users. MS Office 2011 for Mac should be available by end of October 2010. Users buying Office for MAC 2008 from today can also claim free upgrade to Office for MAC 2011. Office 2011 for MAC

Find & compare product price information on Google

Looking for easy way to find price and basic information about a product like mobile phone, LCD etc? Google can help big time providing all the information in least amount of time. With all new Google Product search option under 'shopping' tab within Google Search. Here is quick method to

View Hotel price details on Google Maps

Google Maps provide an easy way to locate places throughout the world. It has been improving over the time with addition of more user friendly feature like zoom to specific area. Now while browsing hotel details from various places, you also view respective hotel price listing details.

Nexus One N1 price & specs [Google Phone]

When Google release a product everyone takes note of it. This time, Google has not released any web service or an online tool but a hardware device - a fully loaded smart phone which is called "Nexus One" N1 aka Google Phone. This phone is manufactured by HTC and looks very cool with

Microsoft Office 2010 price & versions

Recently Microsoft released beta release of MS Office 2010. Official launch date of Microsoft Office 2010 should be in the month of June 2010. While exact date is not known, Microsoft has revealed pricing details of MS Office 2010 package which will be available in 4 versions: Office Home

Windows 7 Family Pack price, install on 3 PCs for $150

Microsoft has released details of much talked about Family pack offer of Windows 7 operating system. Guess what? this talk will stay active for long time considering cool family pack offer. Under this offer, you can install Windows 7 Home premium on upto 3 PCs in your house. This

Windows 7 price information, upgrade & retail versions

Microsoft has announced price information of its upcoming operating system Windows 7 - surprisingly there is 10% reduction in prices for Home premium version. You can even get more discount upto 50% by pre-ordering copy of Windows 7 operating system. You can grab Windows 7 Home Premium for