Recover router Password from router configuration file

Have you lost your router login password key? Majority of routers create backup in the form of router configuration file. It contains important data like ISP user name/password, login password of the router and wireless network keys. You can easily recover lost router password from this

How to generate strong WEP key

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) keys are used to protect wireless connection setup. You can generate WEP keys of different lengths like 64, 128, 152, 256 bits. A strong WEP key is a healthy mix of random numbers and letters. It is always recommended to use long and complex WEP key to secure

Find WPA, WEP key of wireless router

Wireless router can be protected using WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) keys. Your Wireless network will be detected on all wi-fi devices but only devices that enter correct WEP or WPA keys can actually connect to the network to use internet. If you happen to

Search default Router username & password

Router username and password is required to reset the router or to change router settings. Different models of router has different default username and passwords. If you are not sure about default login details of your router then head over to Router Passwords. It has database of