Copy webpage text on smartphone using QR code

How do we copy text displayed on webpage opened on computer to a smart phone? Generally we don't copy text and instead manually type the text displayed on computer screen using on-screen keyboard on the smart phone. We can easily get rid of this manual typing routine and copy text directly

Schedule boot time startup Virus Scan with Avast

You can setup boot time scan to allow scanning for viruses at PC startup (when computer is swtiched ON). Free anti-virus software 'Avast' has this feature of Boot Time Scan. It scans your PC before the malware or virus is activated, hence cleaning the system before the system is acutally

Check security & performance problems: Free Norton PC checkup

Norton is a popular brand for security software products. It also offer free software "Norton PC Checkup" that allows any user to scan to identify any security and performance problems with PC. It is a self troubleshooting tool to resolve issues with your computer through corrective

Extract text from scanned images online [free OCR]

Do you have a scanned image with lot of text? Ideally one would look at image and manually type all the text on the image. How about automating this process and extract all the text from scanned image in few simple clicks? You can perform this extraction online at free-ocr

Quick Scan computer online for viruses & malware

BitDefender is a very popular name for products to keep your computer safe and secure from viruses, malware and other infection. They have introduced new online 'QuickScan' service that allows you to scan computer for infections without downloading anything. Yes, no need to download