Find & delete broken shortcuts on Windows

Desktop shortcuts allows us to open application programs quickly on Windows. While installing software, a desktop shortcut icon or link is created on Windows PC. Over a period of time lot of shortcut icons are created (and some deleted) as we install and uninstall programs. We can easily

Create desktop shortcut for Google Docs

Google Docs is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office software. If you do not intend to spend money on buying Office software and has computer connected to internet connection, then Google Docs online suite is a very good option. Further, if you often use Google Docs for word

Create ‘Control Panel’ icon on Windows 7 desktop

'Control Panel' allows one access to all settings and options on your Windows 7 computer. If you often open 'Control Panel' to customize settings - how about creating 'Control Panel' shortcut icon on the desktop? You can easily add 'Control Panel' icon on Windows 7 desktop for quicker