Sign PDF documents using finger on iPad & mobile

Signing PDF document with unique signature add seal of security and identity to your documents. New release of Adobe Reader X application makes routine of adding signature to a PDF file very simple - involving just few finger swipes. Using your finger you can add custom signature to a PDF

Add image & stylish text to Gmail signature

For starters, signature is text written at the end of each email you send. Till now, we could only use simple text as Gmail signature. Now you can spice up signature on emails sent through Gmail account using new rich text signature feature. It allows you to add any image, hyperlink to

Gmail Signature with your location, new feature

New experimental features keep coming on Gmail, latest include ability to add location to your Gmail signature. So next time you receive an email, question like "Where are you from?" can be easily answered by looking at location in signature of the received email. This is an optional

Create self updating Image Signature of Blog updates is another way to promote your blog or website updates on forums and social networks. It allows you to generate graphic signatures based on RSS feed and automatically keep them up-to-date. To get started, enter your RSS feed URL and