How to enable Spelling check in Google Chrome

Correct spellings are very important specially while filling online forms. Google Chrome users can enable automatic spell checker for fixing incorrect spellings quickly. Once Google Chrome's spellings check feature is activated, it will highlight wrong spellings which can be corrected in

Disable spelling auto correction on iPhone

Do you hate ugly red lines under words while typing on iPhone device? With iOS 4.1 update, you can disable or deactivate spelling check and auto correction on iPhone. Besides those ugly red lines, this will prevent iPhone from converting 'so called' incorrect words into meaningless words

Check Spelling in Windows with portable spell checker

Spell check feature is available in number of applications we use in Windows. But all applications do not have active spell check feature for every aspect. For example: in web browser like Internet Explorer, no spell check option while typing URL in address bar. Tiny Spell is a small

Validate & check HTML file errors with free Validator

HTML files can contain lot of tags in order to generate properly formatted text. Due to syntax complexity one can commit lot of mistakes while writing an HTML file resulting in error laden HTML webpage. You can easily check for syntax and other errors in HTML files and validate them

Get Spell Check in Outlook Express without MS Office

Spell Check feature in Outlook Express use components from Microsoft Word or MS Office to function. If you do not have MS Office or Word install, spell check feature in Outlook Express will NOT work. You can easily overcome this issue by installing

Spell Check any website with a click of a button

We are so use to perform Spell Check with a click of a button in a Word Processor (or even in Wordpress editor). Now you can do same to spell check a website / webpage. Spellist allows you to check website for spelling