Create ‘table of contents’ TOC page in Word 2010

If you are writing a professional document in Word application, then 'table of contents' is a must have page. TOC page serve as index page containing reference links to topics being discussed in the given document along with respective page numbers. It allows reader to view summary

Copy & insert table from MS Word into PowerPoint

Tables provide a neat way to present lot of data in PowerPoint and Word documents. Do you want to import and transfer table data created in Word document to a PowerPoint slideshow? This can be easily done using simple 'copy - paste' routine. Just select the table, copy it and then open

Extract data from graph image in tabular form

Graph is very easy way to visualize and understand associated values. However, at time we need need plotted graph's data in number or digits format. This entails extraction of data from plotted graph image in tabular or graphical form (saved to an Excel file for further analysis). You can

Insert & display tables in Google Docs Presentations

Now you can show data in more organized form using tables in Presentations created online at Google Docs. New insert table feature allows you to add and format tables as per requirement. To get started, goto menu option Table > Insert Table and then select number of rows & columns

Generate HTML tables from spreadsheet Excel data

Do you have an excel file with loads of data that should be converted into simple HTML table form? Now, are you lost and tired of pasting data in different applications to to generate clean HTML tables from excel file data? Tableizer is answer to above questions and make this process