Rent movies, TV show videos on Youtube

Youtube has lot of videos which you can watch for free anytime. It also has premium section called 'Youtube Rental' with listing of paid content feature movies and TV shows. Users can login into Youtube account and rent any available video using Youtube rental feature. Here is simple

Watch full length movies & TV shows on Youtube

Google needs a way to earn some money from Youtube real quick considering huge daily loses being piled up. Finally, Youtube is showing some spark by showcasing premium video content on the website. Now you can watch full length movies and TV shows online. As expected, most of the content

Watch full CBS TV shows with iphone app

Now you can watch full length CBS TV shows on your iphone. CBS has launched free (US only) iphone app called application. Besides full TV show viewing, you can also checkout video content related to sports, news, and entertainment. It works with both 3G and Wi-Fi