Mark items ‘unread’ in Google Reader

Sometimes we read title of an item in Google Reader and may want to read that item in full at a later time. In such case (just like in email), we can mark specific item as 'unread' and it will be highlighted for future reading. This is very useful feature to create list of 'unread' items

How to mark Email message as UnRead in Gmail

Sometimes we open an email message but do not have time to read it. We mark the message "unread" to make it appear in unread messages for easy identification to read that message next time you open Gmail inbox. If you happen to receive lot of emails, then "mark unread" option can come

Actual number of unread items / posts in Google Reader

Google Reader (RSS junkies) are well aware of situation when you don't open reader for few days. Unread posts or items pile up like anything and show 1000+ unread, with no way to see the actual count of unread items in Google Reader. Google Reader Unread Count is a userscript that can