USB Flash Drive Fingers, Cool & Creepy Finger

Each finger is freshly cut and removed from the local morgue (no, not really...) and equipped with 1gig of memory. These things are very realistic in appearance

5 Geeky Boy Gadgets that Girlfirends can Grab & Gift

Here are few gadgets for interest of Geeky boys and their girlfriends. While boys can use them, girls can gift them to their boyfriends for that extra attention. Here goes... FOR THAT PERFECT GOATEE OBSESSED Obsessed about having that perfect goatee? Well, checkout Goatee Saver that

Delicious External Hard Drive Case, Plz Dont Eat !

Word 'Delicious' is the flavour of the day as dropped its Dots for Crisper Here is something more crisper and delicious. Is that some funny USB drive attached to