Solve Crossword puzzles & form correct words online [WolframAlpha]

Crossword puzzles is a healthy learning fun for kids and adults alike. It tests ability to think and create meaningful words by filling missing alphabets in series of words or phrases. If you are stuck at forming correct word while trying to solve Crossword puzzle, get that magic word

7 ways to access WolframAlpha knowledge search

WolframAlpha made quiet a buzz at the time of launch. While the buzz has faded, WolframAlpha is still an interesting and different search engine for those intellectual knowledge based queries. If you are too addicted to WolframAlpha knowledge search, get easy with accessing this search

Google, Bing & Wolfram – search & compare together

We have already seen knowledge based search Wolfram helping out in mathematics problems and creating cool ringtones. We have even seen 3 web tools to search and compare Google and Bing results simultaneously. Here comes triple play to search and compare results from Google, Bing and