Edit AVI video files: join, crop, convert, effects, frames & more

Do you want to edit AVI video files with ease for free? AVIedit is a free program to perform any type of editing of an AVI video file. You can do basics like join, split, extract frames to advance routine like changing change framerate, duration, frame size, color depth and much more. It

Free AVI to MP4 video converter software

"Convert AVI to MP4" is a free video converter software to convert AVI to MP4 files. For starters: AVI stands for Audio Video Interleaved, while MP4 stands for MPEG4, short for Moving Picture Expert Group (4). MP4 formats takes less space, hence is ideal video format for videos on portable

Repair corrupt & damaged AVI Video files

Partly damaged or corrupted AVI video files can give lot of problems during video playback of such files. Video freezes at random, fast forward and manual seek do not work. This all can happen when AVI video file that you are trying to play is corrupt or partly damaged. You can repair and