Batch upload from Picasa to Picasa web albums

Picasa Web Albums ( is a free online photo storage service from Google. While Picasa is a free software from Google to easily manage, edit and upload photos from desktop to Picasa Web Albums. Now you can easily upload multiple photos from your computer to Picasa Web

Sort images by size, resolution & aspect ratio

If you have lot of images on computer, sorting and organizing them can be a big task. Do you want to automatically sort images based on image size, resolution dimensions and aspect ratio? Doing it manually can take lot of effort and time. However, you can automate this process by batch

Batch print multiple documents without opening files

Printing documents can be real pain, if you are sending lot of files for print. Ideally, you will open individual file and give command to print. You can automate and ease out this routine by batch printing of different type of documents without actually opening individual files using free

Automatically create multiple folders from text file

Do you want to quickly create multiple folders with specific names? Besides using quick shortcut key to create folders on Windows, you can automate this routine using free portable utility "Text 2 Folders". It allows you to batch create folders with names mentioned in specific text file at

Rename multiple Files in Windows

Managing files on computer is very basic and important routine. We tend to deal with different type of files like images, videos, programs etc. Renaming multiple files at once saves lot of time and effort while managing files on the computer. You can either use Windows trick or free

Batch convert BMP images to PNG retaining transparency

Ideally we can convert a BMP image to PNG format without quality lose and retaining transparency. Such process becomes time consuming and efforts laden if we need to convert number of BMP images to PNG format. Small portable utility "TransparentPNG" can comes real handy in such situation.

Batch rename & replace filename spaces with underscore

Do you have lot of files that has spaces in filenames? Are you looking for easy and quick way to replace those spaces with underscore in filenames? Very small utility (just 4.7kb) Space Remover can come real handy in batch rename of files by replacing spaces in filenames with underscore.

Batch Resize Images with VSO Image Resizer

Small and free application 'VSO Image Resizer' can make image resizing process so easy and quick. You can resize images on the fly to popular image resolutions, as well as custom dimensions. It supports number of image formats like: Jpeg, gif, bmp, tiff etc. It also supports Digital