How to translate text language on Facebook pages

Facebook is available in number of languages all over the world. For your posted content, if other user adds comment in different (his native) language - ideally you will manually translate language of text to understand the same. For this, one would use online language translator at

Microsoft language translator for mobile phone

Microsoft Translator (also called Bing Translator) is a handy online service to translating text, webpages between different languages. It has improved over period of time and also added new language support like Hebrew and Haitian Creole language. You can access the goodness of this

Translate Haitian Creole language with Bing translator

Everyone is aware of massive destruction left by earthquake in Haiti. Microsoft has done quick and wonderful job of launching translator for Haitian Creole language. Now you can translate between English and Haitian Creole (and other languages) using Microsoft (Bing) Translator. To get

Hebrew language translation live on Bing Translate

Bing Translation is a cool service for quick translation of text and webpage from one language to another. It has added Hebrew language in the list of supported languages. Now you can translate to and from Hebrew language online using Bing Translate service. While on Bing Translate,