Free printable 2013 Calendar download

In next few days after Holiday season we shall stay good-bye to 2012 and hello to 2013. An essential requirement to prepare for the next 2013 year and never miss a date is by downloading 2013 calendar. Lot of websites offer free downloads of printable 2013 calendar templates. Once you

Download free 2012 Calendar: Word, Excel, Powerpoint templates

Time moves on quickly, we are already in year 2012 and its time to change those yearly calendars. If you love to customize and print own calendars using Microsoft Office program - so here we move forward from 2011 calendar templates to all new calendar templates for year 2012. You can

Download 2011 calendar Office templates

There are still few months left to spill over to year 2011. However, you can start preparation for next year by selecting perfect template for 2011 Calendar. You can download free Microsoft Office 2011 calendar templates from Microsoft's website. You can browse and download

Firefox 2010 Calendars in red & blue

2009 is gone and we have stumbled into NEW Year 2010. We have already seen cool calendar resources to prepare for 2010 like free printable 2010 calendar downloads, 2010 Office templates etc. If you are Firefox fan, then checkout exclusive Firefox 2010 printable calendars. Calendars

Hijri (Saudi) to Gregorian date Calendar converter

'Gregorian' date format or calendar is used by majority of people throughout the world. However, Islamic countries use Hijri (Hijra Calendar) for their religious and date reference purposes. Are you looking for easy way to convert Hejri date into normal Gregorian date? Free tool "Hijri

Make Stylish Calendar online with own photos

Make Calendar personalized with own photos using cool online tool 'Calendarika'. You can select upto 2 photo and generate stylish calendar for any month of the year. Final calendar can be used as widescreen desktop wallpaper or you can print it off to serve as hard copy calendar on your

MS Office 2010 templates [PowerPoint, Calendar]

Recently, Microsoft Office 2010 beta was available for free download. If you have found the groove working through new Office 2010, how about adding spice with cool looking Microsoft Office 2010 templates. Microsoft has huge listing of free templates for Office 2010 for different category

Make printable calendar with holidays online

We have already seen cool resources to download free 2010 printable calendars. If you do not want to download pre-made calendars and want to make customized calendar as per specific requirement, then make them online at Calendar Labs. It is an online tool to create country specific

Download monthly Firefox calendar wallpapers

If you are a fan of Firefox web browser and want to see that cute foxy Firefox fox on the desktop all the time, then checkout collection of monthly Firefox calendar wallpapers. You can download cool looking Firefox wallpapers for every month showing calendar and fox on the

Put Outlook Calendar on desktop for easy access

Do you want to access your Outlook calendar all the time and don't want to click on maze of windows to see it? Well, here is a simple alternative - you can place fully functional Outlook calendar on the desktop and eliminate any need for click to see calendar contents. Outlook on

Free Calendar 2009 designer MS Office templates

We have already covered lot of resources to download printable 2009 calendar templates of different style, color and shape. Here are few more with cool designer looks for Microsoft Office users. You can download Calendar 2009 designer templates for free. There are number of options in

Download printable 2009 Calendar, monthly & yearly

Do you want print own customized calendar? Or paste / embed a calendar on your desktop wallpaper? Well, there are number of online resources to download printable 2009 calendars. You can download the full year calendar or month-wise. Calendars are available in PDF and Microsoft