Calculate Calories burned from your weight & miles run

So, you have been running a lot to remove that extra flab? Running is best way to burn calories and reduce fat on the body. While there are number of complex ways calculate calories burned from your daily run, here is most simple way by using 'Calories Burned Calculator'. Related -

Calculate Body Mass Index (BMI) online

Body Mass Index is a statistical combination of weight and height that indicate if a person is under-weight, Ideal, Over-weight or obese. Alteredqualia has online web tool to calculate Body Mass Index by entering information about your body. Enter your height and weight and hit the

Get Calorie count of any food item on GTalk

Are you eating too much and getting fat sitting in front of computer? Well, your computer can help you check that calorie intake using gtalk (Google talk) on your computer. Google talk can be used for more than just chatting: like listening to FM radio! Here is another cool way to use