Disable CD drive Auto Eject feature

Windows 7 and XP do not have auto eject CD drive tray feature. However, auto eject feature in Windows Vista can be very annoying (specially if your PC case hides the cd dvd drives behind a cover). You can easily disable "Auto Eject" feature of optical drives on Windows Vista PC using

Fix “Power Calibration Error” burning CD, DVD dics

Are you getting error while burning files on CD, DVD discs? Majority of users encounter Power Calibration and Medium Speed errors while trying to write data on discs. There is no specific quick fix for such errors. However, series of steps can for sure check such errors. Perform following

Create AutoRun CD, DVD dics & USB drives

Majority of premium software CD, DVD discs have autorun functionality. Do you want to similar autorun functionality to CD, DVD dics being burnt on your PC? AutoRun Maker is a free application available in install-able and portable version to create autorun CD, DVD dics and USB drives. You

Copy data from scratched CD, DVD with CD Recovery

Are you trying (again and again) to copy data from a scratched CD, DVD media? Free software program "CD Recovery" can help in process of extracting data from scratched CD, DVD. It is a simple and easy to use program. It can copy single file or folder or it can copy multiple files and