Remove / hide Clock from Windows 7 taskbar

Clock showing time and date information at right side of taskbar is default feature on Windows operating system. Do you want to remove or hide clock from Windows 7 taskbar? Few users may want to remove clock for neater looking taskbar or there could be other reason for the same. Windows 7

Show multiple clocks on Windows 7 taskbar

Do you want to display multiple clocks of different country and timezones? You can easily do this on Windows 7 taskbar using in-built feature of "Additional Clocks". It allows you to add and show two additional clocks on the taskbar. Using this, you can easily track current time of upto 3

Portable desktop Alarm clock for timely sound alerts

Easy Timer is an easy to use portable desktop alarm clock application. It has basic interface and functionality to produce sound alerts at specified time. It does not require installation: just download, unzip and launch the desktop alarm clock. Application window show analog clock with

Windows7 like clock on system tray in Vista & XP

Windows7 sports all new taskbar in terms of looks and components placement. For example, clock on system tray also show day-date information besides the time. It looks cool and render different looking clock area on the system tray. Now you can get similar clock on your Vista or XP

Online countdown (egg) timer in browser, on time!

You are cooking something and also working on computer. You need to cook for 10mins more and looking at clock is so boring. How about launching an online timer and receive reminder after 10 mins? Timer makes this dead simple and very easy to stay sync with different activities and