How to add computer in network domain, workgroup

A domain name show computers connected in a network and which can readily access the PC to which those computers are assigned in the same domain. You can add computer(s) to a domain of a network by changing the Workgroup/Domain settings in Windows 7 PC. Change computer name / domain in

Create Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7

Connecting to another system using Windows 7/Windows XP/ Windows NT is now made easy with the Remote Desktop Connection feature in Windows 7. A user can remotely operate a system connected to Windows  7 system provided a LAN connection remains alive among both systems. Here is walk through

Connect & transfer data between 2 computers via USB

Connecting 2 computers can be confusing and time draining procedure for majority of PC users. We have already seen procedure to connect 2 PCs using cross over cable. Making things dead simple and super easy is connection of 2 PCs using USB connectivity. USB Go link cable allows you to

Connect two Windows 7 computers to share files

Do you have to share files between two Windows 7 operating system computers at your home or office? This is can be easily done by establishing a LAN connection between two computers and share files, folders, data without need of the internet. For such connection, you will need a crossover