Create HTML webpage from text file

Do you want to create quick HTML webpage containing only text content? Free utility txt2html can help make HTML page in few simple clicks without any need of even basic HTML knowledge. It can generate simple HTML webpage from any txt document that you can upload and share anywhere on the

Create quick webpage online:

Everyone does not have time to learn HTML for creating webpage but majority of us do crave to create online webpages with custom content. Online tool "" makes this all easy. If you are not too concerned about look of a webpage and only want to publish webpage with specific

Create HTML webpage of Folder contents with file hyperlinks

At times it becomes difficult to track specific file contained in a folder. One better way to index and shows contents of a folder is by generating automatic HTML webpage showing folder contents. Folder2Hyperlinks tool make this all easy by creating HTML webpage of selected folder contents

Where & how to move Yahoo Geocities website?

Yahoo Geocities has been very popular way of creating free websites in few simple clicks. Sadly, this service is closing and Yahoo is only offering paid option to upgrade to Yahoo business hosting. Hang on, Jimdo website creation service is offering free transfer and hosting of your

Draw website code online within browser via Drawter

Looking for a simple and quick way to code website layout without much fuss? Well, head over to Drawter to do it all within web browser, without any need to download even a single file. Even though it is simple - still, one needs CSS and HTML knowledge to be at ease. It is a  web

Create a Webpage in Seconds with ClutterMe

If you have used Microsoft Frontpage long back and found it very easy for making webpages. Well, then tryout ClutterMe - its ever easier than Frontpage. Still in early stages, it does not offer loads of complex features. But it is good enough to make a quick webpage. To get started