Change default landing tab of Facebook fanpage

Lot of users create fanpage on Facebook to promote their blog, website, brand or personality among Facebook users. By default, 'wall' tab contents are displayed when any Facebook fanpage is opened. Incase you have added tabs with more interesting content like Twitter & Youtube video

Hide or show Facebook Fanpages in specific countries

Facebook users are spread all over the world discussing and interacting about topics that concern them most. Many users create fanpages on specific (sensitive) topics to initiate discussion on that same. While a given topic may be fine in specific country, it can be considered bad (should

Add Youtube videos tab on Facebook fanpage

If you have an active Youtube video channel and Facebook profile - how about linking them for more user interactivity? You can easily display your latest Youtube videos on a dedicated 'Youtube' tab on your Facebook fanpage in few simple clicks. Youtube tab on Facebook fanpage will display

Use Facebook as Fanpage admin

Ideally when you comment or post on Facebook Fanpages activity (that you admin), your user profile is shown as admin. You can easily switch this to fanpage admin using "Use Facebook as page" option. After activating this option, all comments and activity will be attributed to you as

Upgrade to new Facebook Fanpage design

Facebook did makeover of user profile pages and asked users to upgrade user profile page to new design style. Now similar makeover is being given to Facebook fanpages. If you have created a Facebook fanpage then you can upgrade fanpage(s) to new design style layout with a click of a

Search & find celebrity Facebook pages

Lot of celebrities, actors, media companies and brands use Facebook to interact with Facebook users. If your Facebook timeline is boring, you can spice up with updates from celebrities of your choice. To get started, search Facebook page of specific celebrity, brand or company. In a single

Delete Facebook Fan pages linked to your account

Facebook fanpages concept works like individual Facebook profile account. A single Facebook user can create multiple Fanpages for different product, website, blog, celebrity and so on. Further, other Facebook users can join Fanpages of their choice. These Fanpages have access to your

Create Facebook Fanpage for blog, website, brand

Besides usual profiles on Facebook, you can create Fanpages for things you like. You can setup Fanpage for your blog, website, celebrity or person you admire and so on. Other Facebook users can become fan of specific Fanpage and access content being published or discussed. A single