Change 7-Zip toolbar buttons theme look

7-zip is a popular free archive manager to open zip archive files. You can use 7-Zip to open different format of archive files including zip, rar, tar, gzip and many more. While it is an effective program for opening variety of zip files, look-wise program may look out-dated and too

Download free Chromebook themes

Are you planning to purchase Chromebook netbook device? Since Chromebook is based on Google Chrome browser [Chrome OS], the default look may bore you after sometime. Among all the promising features of Chromebook, you can change the default look of Chrome OS on your chromebook using free

Compositio theme for Blogger & WordPress blogs

Compositio is new 2 column theme form designdisease. It has cool combo of white and blue colors. Theme looks classy with focus on post title and content. Left sidebar has more color with multiple columns and tabbed content box. While Design Disease has released this free for Wordpress

Free premium WordPress theme, Irresistible

Woo themes has released cool free premium Wordpress theme 'Irresistible'. It has all the color and jazz ideal for personal blog. Basic structure is 2 column with integerated video player. Theme comes with 9 color schemes with widgetized sidebar including some the specific custom