How to disable & block Twitter, Friendfeed updates on Facebook?

Few Facebook users are troubled with Twitter updates flooding their facebook account even though they never activated Twitter updates. As reported, this is a result of Facebook bug automatically publishing Twitter updates on Facebook. Thankfully, there is easy way to stop this. 1.

FriendFeed notifier for updates on your desktop

Looks like everyone is in rush to push forward desktop client for different social networks. We have seen Seesmic for Facebook, Tweetdeck now supporting both Twitter and Facebook and here comes brand new desktop client 'FriendFeed Notifier' to track FriendFeed notification on your

Update Twitter, FaceBook & FriendFeed via FireStatus

If love sending constant updates to your Twitter, FaceBook and FriendFeed accounts - then you will for sure love FireStatus. It is a Firefox 3 extension that allows you to send status updates, notes and URL links simultaneously to multiple social networks and services. It also