Free Google Chrome Themes, Download & Change Look

Google Chrome buzz just does not seem to die down. After the official Google Chrome release, came portable Google Chrome to make it work from your USB stick. In case you are already bored of Google

Download Portable Google Chrome Web Browser

Google Chrome has created storm all over web. Many are discussing one or other good and not so good features of this web browser from Google. We have already seen features of Chrome and official Chromium blog revealing future development of Chrome. Here is portable (unofficial) version

Chromium, the Official Google Chrome Blog is ready

Google Chrome, Google's open source browser project is getting all the newsprint offline and loads of blog posts online. Like every other Google service, Google Chrome also has official blog. The Chromium Blog ( is the place to track latest news and

Download Google Chrome, Google’s Web Browser

We have already seen how a rumour turned into reality with Google announcing launch of its very own web browser 'Google Chrome'. It looks all ready to slug out in browser war with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Google Chrome is now available for download and test drive. Currently, it is

Google Chrome Browser, Google to slug with IE & FF

It was always rumoured and discussed in comic situation that Google might some day launch its own web browser. Guess what? this is no longer a rumour and will become reality very soon. Google has officially announced launch of its own web browser 'Google Chrome'. First look makes this