Leave & Unjoin a Facebook Group

Facebook Groups provide easy way for group interaction of like minded people. You can create Facebook group on any topic, personality, cause and invite people to join it. As a Facebook user, you can join multiple groups and follow activity updates for the same. You can leave or unjoin a

How to create Groups on Facebook

Do you want to interact with specific group of friends on Facebook regarding specific 'private' topic? You can easily do this without worrying about privacy by creating group of Facebook friends (as per requirement). Facebook group(s) allows you to selective share information within a

Group & organize tabs in Firefox 4 [Panorama]

Firefox 4 beta introduces lot of new features like  tabs placement, single access Firefox button, new look menu bar and lots more. 'Panorama' is a new feature button in Firefox 4 that helps in organized web browsing. It allows you to organize tabs and group them as per requirement. This

How to talk with more than one person on Skype

Ideally, we use Skype for audio and video chat between two contacts. You can also use Skype to talk with more than one person or multiple contacts. For this you need to setup and start a conference call. Please note, only audio conference call between more than 2 contacts can be done

Manage Orkut groups [automatic magic suggestions]

Just after the makeover, Orkut introduced lot of new feature including: Friends suggestions by Orkut. Based on similar lines, now Orkut will suggest new groups based on your user activity. It will suggest labels for new groups and possible Orkut friends in each group. You can accept or