Hide tabs in Chrome & restore with password

So you are using Google Chrome to surf websites in office, college or work place. Suddenly, your boss or colleague shows up to check what you are surfing on the internet. No need panic, if you can have panic button in your Chrome browser. It allows you to hide all current tabs in single

Drag drop to arrange, hide buttons on Taskbar

Taskbar contents on Windows are very strict with limited movement. Using Taskbar Ext utility, you can arrange and manage taskbar with simple drag drop routine. You can easily drag buttons to arrange them at specific required position. To get started: download, unzip and double click to

Hide windows on desktop & tabs on taskbar, boss!

Say, while at work you are surfing internet instead of doing office work. Your boss is coming and you quickly close all windows on desktop showing non-office work content. Hey, why not hide those windows instead of closing them? And continue browsing them when boss is out of the