How to insert SIM card in iPhone 4, 3GS

Installing SIM card in iPhone is basic requirement to get going with usage of iPhone. Newer iPhone 4 has different routine to insert and install SIM card as against previous iPhone 3GS. Following is visual guide for installing SIM card in iPhone device you own. Insert SIM card in iPhone

Convert Video files to play on iPhone 3GS

Do you want to play specific video file on your iPhone 3GS? You can easily do this by converting video file format that is play-able on your iPhone 3GS device. Videora iPhone 3GS is a free video converter that can perform such type of video format conversion with ease. With this converter

iPhone 3GS speed features [WWDC 2009 event]

First day of WWDC 2009 saw lot of annocements but most interesting one was new Apple iPhone 3GS. Here S stands for speed and it is expected to be fastest iPhone ever. It comes loaded with lot of features and price tag of 199$ for iPhone 3GS 16Gb & 299$ for iPhone 3GS 32GB [to be