Convert BIN to ISO images: free tools

Do you have bunch of BIN CD files that should be extracted and converted? You can easily convert BIN into ISO image files using free BIN to ISO converter software tools. Such conversion allows you to mount BIN files as a drive after converting into ISO format. While there are few premium

Create bootable USB drive of CentOS / RedHat disk or ISO image

ISO2USB utility can come real handy when you want to install CentOS / RedHat on system that does not have optical CD or DVD drive. This utility can make a bootable USB drive from CentOS / RedHat disk or its ISO image. Created USB drive can be used for installation on systems which do not

How to open ISO file on Windows

ISO image files are supposed to be burnt on CD, DVD media discs. After the burn, you can access content held in specific ISO file by playing CD, DVD dics on the computer. Do you want to open and see contents of ISO file without having to burn it on media disc? WinRAR program can easily