‘MP3 Compatible’ logo for legal music download sites

How do you identify legal music download websites from illegal ones? Well, things look all set to ease out with introduction of 'MP3 Compatible' logo. This new logo aims to promote legal music download websites and also emphasise on the fact that MP3 files can be played on any

Adobe CS4 announced with a Weird looking Logo

Adobe has announced next in CS series - Adobe CS4 (Creative Suite 4). It is available in different packages like: Design premium, Web premium, Production premium and Master premium. Price starts from US$999 (Web Standard) to

Get Official WordPress Logos, Wallpapers & Buttons

Wordpress is no alien term if you are into blogging. Do you love Wordpress and need goodies to show the same? Well, download loads of Wordpress stuff from official wordpress page. You can download different types of Wordpress logos

Make 3D Web 2.0 Icon for your site with ease !

Well this is the latest trend, most of the well known sites has web 2.0 icons. Like many people, I am amazed at look of these icons. These icons generally have glass effect with tinge of 3D shadow. I tried to make icon for my site(tothepc) and was successful to some extent. Most of my